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Neljapäeval, 1. märtsil kl 16 andis Best Salesile eksklusiivse online-intervjuu Ameerikast ukselt uksele müügiorganisatsiooni Southwestern Company 154aastase ajaloo raamatumüügi rekordihoidja Dustin Hillis.

Oma parimal Southwesterni müügisuvel oli Dustin Hillise müügist tulenev käive ligi 340 000 USA dollarit (meie vanas rahas 4 miljonit Eesti krooni) ehk 20 000 ühikut suvega. Hillis on raamatu Navigate autor. Raamatu kohta saab rohkem lugeda sellelt leheküljelt http://sellingthewaypeopleliketobuy.com

Hillis on ka mitme miljoni dollarilise käibega müügimeeste koolitamisega tegeleva ettevõtte asutaja. Hillise koolitusfirmast saab rohkem infot leheküljelt http://www.southwesternconsulting.com

Hillis tuleb 4. mail Eestisse koolitama.

Riskikapitalist Allan Martinson on öelnud, et Eesti valitsus peaks tegema noorte jaoks Southwesternis praktika tegemise kohustuslikuks - ükski teine firma pole eestlasi rohkem müüma õpetanud, kommenteeris Martinson. Southwesterni programmis osalejad on hiljem Eestis rajanud mitmeid start-up-ettevõtteid - näiteks Pipedrive ja Fortumo.

Vastatud küsimusedArtur Sirkel1. What is your opinion about the most common 5 mistakes, what telemarketing salespersons are making? 2. What is in your opinion the best way to create the first contact in telemarketing, if you have reached your products / services decision maker already?Telemarketing is one of the lost arts of selling. Here are the 5 most common mistakes made in telemarketing:1. Talking to much. - Selling is not telling it's listening.  The best salespeople in the world are professionals at asking the right questions.  Bad salespeople talk too much.2. Talking to fast.- Low and Slow is they way to approach someone on the phone.  It is natural for a telemarketer to get nervous when talking to someone on the phone and then talk too fast.  Talking too fast makes people feel like you're selling them.  People love to buy, but hate to be sold. 3. Being Pushy.- Bad salespeople try to force people to buy something that someone doesn't need or want.  The best salespeople are professionals at qualifying all of their prospects, and getting a 10 minute "yes" and a 2 minute "no".  4. Present the product or service without all the decision makers on the phone. - nothing is more frustrating as a salesperson then doing a great job with your presentation and then getting to the end of a presentation and your prospect tells you "this is great. I just need to run this by my spouse and I'll call you back tomorrow."  Always make sure you're talking to the decision maker(s) before going through your presentation. 5. Selling a commodity versus value.- If you have people asking "how much is it" all day long and then they shut you down after knowing the price... then you are selling a commodity and you might as well just be a retail store where people can window shop.  Professional telemarketers know how to create a buying atmosphere, do a price build up, and do a price comparison with an emotional close to build value and buy in with what they're selling.Part 2: They best way to create the first contact in telemarketing is one of the main topics we will be discussing at your seminar we are putting on in Estonia.  My book "Navigate: Selling The Way People Like To Buy" has customized answers to the first contact for each of the 4 buying behavior styles.  When approaching people on the phone you need to sell to them the way they like to buy.  You can find a copy of my book at www.dustinhillis.meArtur SirkelIf a sales person feels, that everything, what he wanted to achieve or get, is there and he has no motivation to sell more, then how to motivate himself to sell more and even better then ever before?In selling our goal should be constant and never ending improvement.  You shouldn’t set a goal just to make a certain amount of money.  If should be based on consistently doing your personal best. You need to develop Unconditional Confidence. Here is a link of me talking about this topic:  http://youtu.be/xBqzjoKYUCUhttp://youtu.be/xBqzjoKYUCUKerttu1. What's the best advice what would You give to the First Year students who are planning to go to the USA to sell books? 2. What means to You the "winning attitude"? 3. What were Your goals to sell so many units? 4. What did You do when things get tough? 5. How much did You make preperations for the summer? - when did You start and what were Your main focuses?1. Focus on trying to perfect the over 155 year old system the Southwestern Company has created.  It’s the best selling process in the world.  Don’t try to figure anything out on your own.  I finished #1 my first summer and sold almost 7,000 units because I worked said the sales talk word-4-word, had a great attitude, and worked my butt off.Marko1. I`d like to know how did you do it in one summer and how long it took you to become good and what have you done in order to become a good salesperson. 2. Did you learn everything from Southwestern or you learned it already before. Do you still try to learn more?My first summer I lived by the rule “selling is 100% excitement and enthusiasm about what you do, with 0% pressure on your customer” and I understood the buying line and to close early and often.JackWhat is easier, selling D2D or B2B? Can you use the same skills? What is the biggest different between them?D2D is more physical and B2B is more mental.  You can use the same skills for sure! Tanel AruojaWhat is the biggest key to sell 20000 units?Being a student of the game. You have to be so good before the summer starts that you will get into 20 doors every day. You will have 8-10 customers everyday.  You will average 5 referrals per sit down everyday. Have a good plan for packaging. Then it just happens.Madli Remmelkoor1. You speak about different buying behaviour styles in your book "Navigate"? 2. Do you really think what type of person your customer is all the time while talking to them or is it already part of your subconscious mind that says how you need to act in different situations with different kinds of people?Learning to Navigate is a skill I’ve developed over time.  My first 2 summers I treated everyone the same way.  After studying the principles of Navigate I started Identifying people’s styles and adapting on every approach…. And I would get in almost 80-90% of the doors I knocked on!Kristjan VeskusHow did you keep your desire to achieve your unit goals daily?My job is to wake up, go to work, and help brighten the day of 20 peoples lives everyday… no excuses, that’s just what I do.  I didn’t really ever use executive exercises or any kind of “ra ra” motivational things… I just went to work.RaivoHow long was the American summer exactly during which those 20 000 units were sold? Estonian summer is only 3 months. I don't know, how long is American summer. 14 weeks. And I did it while I was in school. I told my teachers I’d be missing the first couple weeks of classes.KatrinLooks like you get most of the questions from booksellers who want to be as good as you were on the bookfield. What do you think can Estonian entrepreneurs and sales people learn from your experience? What makes your seminar different from other sales-related seminars?My experience with co-founding a multi-million dollar seminar, coaching and consulting firm has given me insights to every industry in every market.  The lessons we will cover at the seminar in Estonia are the same lessons we teach companies like Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Bank of America, Toyota, State Farm Insurance, KPMG, and DIRECTV.KatyCan you tell what is the common and main thing that FYs or B managers do wrong when selling books door to door?They think to much.  My next book is titled “Navigate: The Art of Not Thinking”.  At your seminar I will discuss how to do this in more detail.NadyaWhich kind of self talk you used to use when you were selling books? (please, some clear examples) And how did you use it? Big THANKS!I can I will I’m going to- between housesAnnika MatsonWhat is your opinion about the most common 5 mistakes senders are making by selling with e-mails?In my opinion selling doesn't ever happen over email.  Email is effective for generating leads, branding, providing additional information, but the end goal of an email should be to motivate someone to call you or send their information for you to call them. Email is a marketing tool.At Southwestern Consulting we extensively use email marketing.Here are the 5 most common email marketing mistakes:MarieAccording to your book "Navigate, selling the way people like to buy" is it true that if I am selling for an example like entertainer but later in my life I will become detective, my nose will change? And what are you selling?Yes. Your ears to change throughout your life.  According to Mein Sung Ancient Chinese Face Reading.  The lines on your face is a path to your mind.  I studied this strange art through a guy named Mac Fulfer and his book The Amazing Face Reader.  Check it out!MariWhat is in your opinion the most common mistakes in closing a deal and what are the main things to do or to keep in mind when your goal is to get higher closing precence in sales?The most common mistakes in closing a deal are: over selling and talking to much, pressuring someone to buy something they’re not qualified to buy, and not being trained on how to close… and saying weird not effective closing techniques.Janar1. Where do you get your belief that you could do something that has never done before. 2. If you have a goal and you are way behind it - how you keep yourself motivated.I wrote a blog that answers both of these questions. Check it out:  http://sellingthewaypeopleliketobuy.com/2012/01/10/how-to-be-an-unstoppable-force http://sellingthewaypeopleliketobuy.com/2012/01/10/how-to-be-an-unstoppable-forceAgnesEstonian market is very small, what would you recommend to do when going international?Work a referral based system.  At your seminar we will go through a 7 step strategy for asking for and getting referrals from everyone you meet with.  With working a small market your reputation and other people who’ve bought from you will provide enough social proof for people to buy from you.  Internationally, you’ll need a referral to get in the door easily.AnneOur company doesn't sell products, but services. And our sales process is completely different from what you did when you sold books, we build relationships and our success doesn't depend so much on quick sales. Any ideas on how we can improve our sales through your door-to-door experience?I have not sold books in over 6 years.  I’ve called on over 10,000 businesses in the past 5 years.  Our team has called on and trained over 50,000 businesses.  My clients include DIRECTV, KPMG, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Toyota, State Farm Insurance, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney… and hundreds of other B2B businesses that we’ve built relationships with over the past 6 years. The founder of Boston Consulting was a former director at Southwestern.  At your seminar we will discuss B2B phone techniques getting around gate keepers, working a referral system, time management, managing and selling to the 4 different Buying Behavior Styles. Gatekeepers are trained to make sure you do not get ahold of the boss. They are trained to ask 4 "Death Questions".  If you directly answer 1 of the 4 "Death Questions" you will get sent to "Voice Jail". The 4 Death Questions are:1. What is this regarding.2. Are they expecting your call.3. What company are you with.4. Who is this?The answer to all of these questions needs to be the same answer. The answer to any Death Question is "just let him/her know it's regarding (insert the name of your manager)."  If they say "who is that" then reply with "just let them know it's regarding (insert the name of your manager) and everything will be fine. Thanks."The gatekeeper won't know what to do, and most of the time she'll patch you through.* in order for this to work with integrity, you need your manager to tell you "I want you to call every business in the world and tell them what we do".  That way when the manager says "who is (name of your manager)"?  You say "That is my manager who personally asked me to call you. And the reason I called is..."For more information about Southwestern Consulting and what we do go to: http://www.southwesternconsulting.comTaivoWhat do you think how much impact first impression has on sales results? I have tried to make my sales presentations based on one's personality type, but it seems to be hard and confusing to figure it out fast enough. It is a lot easier to just use a standard presentation for everyone.Massive Impact!  The 7 Second Rule states: You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression with someone that last the next 7 times you meet them.interestingMathematically it is impossible to sell 20 000 units just using D2D marketing alone - this is about 222pcs/day (90 days). So how many people were involved? It looks more like fake advertisment, common to USA - invest 100 and make millions. Ok, maybe You had book stores as clients and there was huge order from few of them. Could You please explain If I'm wrong...You’re going to just have to meet me in person and see if I’m really a human or a machine :-)AmetühingWhat is to be done with thousands of white-collar workers (e.g bank and insurance company employees)? How is it possible to establish effective trade unions that give additional guarantees to workers and act as good partners to employers at the same time? So far it has been impossible in those foreign controlled companies because of local managers’ reluctance to establish one, or develop existing ones further.I don’t know

2. Losing is not an option.  Failing is okay… everyone fails.  But losing means quitting.  As Mort Utley once said “winners never quit, and quitters never win”.3. My first year my goal was to do 40 demos a day and finish #1.  My second year my goal was to recruit at least 5 people and hit growth.  I brought out 8 people and sold 9,000 units.  My third year my goal was to average 20 sitdowns per day and break the company record and I sold 20,000 units.4. Work harder.5. I memorized and took notes on every advanced sales CD at Southwestern then I took my notes and dissected the sales talk and inserted all of the advanced sales ideas into the sales talk.  I practiced my approach and presentation everyday.  In sales school I told people to be realistic and try to not buy from me… and I knew I was ready when people started telling me they had to buy.a. When I start in new turf I go to the best houses first.  My goal is to get at least one customer before noon my first day and then get a minimum of 5 referrals from every person I sit down with.  My first day my last summer I sold over 480 units.

Part 2: Southwestern taught me 99% of what I know about selling. The only thing I figured out on my own was how to work referrals.  My goal in life is constant and never ending improvement.

What makes us different is at Southwestern Consulting we believe in principle over personalities.  Unlike other seminars that have some “self made millionaire” talking about how great they are… we teach proven principles that have worked for over 155 years at the Southwestern Family of companies.  Check out the Southwestern Family of companies at: www.southwesternfamily.com

Today’s a great day – when I wake upThank you God for blessing me with feet to walk and eyes to see – after a saleThat sucks for them – after someone tells me knowPerfect – anytime something negative happens

1.  Putting the price in an email... It should always be communicated in person or on the phone.2.  Providing too much information.  Emails should be short and sweet, and motivate someone to call you.3.  Not using pictures.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Include images to demonstrate your product or service.4.  Not using videos.  The number 2 search engine in the world is Youtube. Make sure to have great testimonial videos from your clients.5.  Relying on email v/s using the phone or meeting in person.  Nothing beats looking someone in the eye and closing a deal.

I am selling the idea that people need to have a love for selling.  I’m selling an idea of how people can move past the barriers that hold them back to achieve greatness.  I’m selling people on how they can change the way they sell and start selling the way people like to buy.

At your conference you’ll learn easy to use techniques for Identifying someone’s buying style in less than 7 seconds and easy to use techniques to adapt your style.  Thousands of people have been successful at learning this system… you can do it too!

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