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KICK START: sales 2013

Once the annual budget is approved, it needs to be implemented. Salespeople play a key role in meeting these targets. It is the salespeople who, at the end of the day, must ensure that income target is reached. The year’s first sales conference focuses on implementation. What will selling be like in 2013?

Date: February 8 Kaval-Antsu Farmhouse at Toompuiestee 23  in Tallinn (conference centre of Von Stackelberg Hotel) all professionals whose daily input helps companies to reach their sales targets, business executives and owners.


Special invitation:

Conference programme

What will influence sales in 2013?

10.00-10.30 What will happen on the Estonian market in 2013? Äripäev CEO Igor RõtovThe first presentation provides an overview of the external factors that can influence reaching your sales targets and that need a tactical plan B. What happens if …? As chief executive of a major publisher of business information, Igor Rõtov has extensive amount of facts at his disposal, including those from anonymous sources, and will spice up his presentation with his personal opinion.

10.30- 11.00 Opportunities and risks for producers in 2013. A. Le Coq CEO Tarmo NoopThe success of Estonian producers on the home market and abroad is critically important for the Estonian economy. A.Le Coq operates in about twenty markets and plans to increase its export volumes 20% a year. Speaking of the home market, the biggest risk in 2013 is political risk, says Tarmo Noop. What is his company’s plan B?

11.00- 11.45 Panel discussion: What are challenges facing sales professionals?

Igor Rõtov, Mart Mägi, Margus Rink, Erik Sakkov, Jüri Teemant, Tarmo Noop

Key issues for panel discussion:

• What sales growth are businesses forecasting in 2013?• Is it time to pay more to salespeople?• Will price selling continue?

11.45-12.45 Lunch

Real-life stories and lessons to be learned 

12.45-13.15 What signs warn us about risks and how to prevent setbacks?

Mart Mägi, CEO of Amserv

This presentation talks about signs that predict upcoming changes in the market. It’s well known how ups and downs in the car selling business forecast how the market is going to change in near future. What else tells us that something important is about to happen? How to accurately forecast sales? What do car sales indicators say about possible trends in 2013?

13.15-13.45 How to fight price pressure? 

Jüri Teemant, head of corporate customer unit of Elisa

Price is one of the most sensitive issues in the telecommunications market. The market can have only one cheapest provider and the borderline between volumes and best price is very thin. How to find this balance while beating the market’s historic price leader at its game?

13.45-14.15 Telephone sales market is saturated – can it get worse?

Sten Argos, sales manager of Eesti Energia

Recently, telephone sale has become a target of sharp criticism: customers are tired of sales calls, sale quality is poor and good telephone salesmen are hard to find. Eesti Energia has first-hand and recent experience of a powerful telephone sales campaign. How did the market react and what were the results? What is the future of telephone sales?

14.15-14.45 Rapid turns and lost dreams

Erik Sakkov, board member of Tallinn Airport

The number of passengers served by Tallinn Airport has been growing year by year. Only a few months ago, the forecast for 2013 was very positive and major projects were in the pipeline. By now, the picture has changed quite dramatically. What does an unexpected setback do for the business, staff and customers? What is the future of civil aviation, tourism business and business tourism in Estonia?

14.45-15.05 Energy break

Recommendations to sales professionals for 2013

15.05-15.35 In the future, it will be communication that sells! 

Guido Paomees, coach of Koolituskompanii

When communicating with a customer, one can sometimes sense a lack of certain chemistry and tensions. Sales results are not what we expect. What to do? This presentation outlines some good opportunities on how salespeople can make their life easier and get better results at less cost.

15.35-16.05 Selling is now precision science!Advisory selling that worked well a decade ago is no guarantee for success in 2013.

Jaano Inno, trainer of sales managers and former CEO

Customers find their own solutions and providers, and everything boils down to the price. What to do? In 2013, top salespeople know corporate customers’ businesses and private customers’ expectations better than customers themselves. Good selling starts with a clearly formulated specific recommendation. Don’t waste your customer’s time on communication. Focus, instead, on value synthesis! 

16.05- 16.50 Does American-style selling work in Scandinavia?

Petri Parvinen, Professor of Sales, Aalto University (Finland)

There are not many sales experts with an academic degree. What’s particularly valuable is the opportunity to hear about scientific approach to sales and experience in Scandinavia, a region that Estonia wants to identify with. Estonians have long wondered whether the young door-to-door book salesmen in the US are the new sales elite? Are the self-aid books and sales gurus coming from the US our best teachers? It’s the first time that Scandinavia’s only professor of sales holds a presentation in Estonia.

16.50-17.00 Conclusions

Price: 240 EUR +km, ( discount in January 199 EUR+km)

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