Annual Sales Management Conference “From Pros to Pros“

More action than ever before! The annual conference of sales professionals will be practical and packed with expertise. This year’s event features new formats, experienced professionals, idea-sharing and rock’n’roll.

The conference moderator is traveller and motivational speaker Alar Ojastu.

Time: 19 September 2014 at 9.00-17.00

Place: Mektory, innovation centre of the Tallinn University of Technology, Raja 15 Tallinn

Special target group: sales professionals, corporate sales managers and CEOs of small enterprises

Conference agenda

9.30-9.45 Conference launch

Show drummer Peeter Jõgioja welcomes salespeople and heats up the room

9.45-10.00 Sales TOP 2014Meelis Mandel, editor-in-chief of Äripäev

BIG STAGE: Lessons in sales management

10.00-10.30 War between production management and salesSten Argos, sales manager of Eesti Energia

10.30-11.00  Sales organisation in draft of changes

Janno Kurg, sales manager of Kalev and Põltsamaa Felix

11.00-11.30 Sales management psychology? Negotiating! Crisis negotiator Siim Nemvalts

11.30-12.30 LUNCH

WORKSHOPS: From pros to pros

Workshops are venues for sharing experience and coming up with new solutions. Structure: one case of success from the moderator, participant questions and a joint debate for creating ideas, a summary of solutions.

12.30-13.15 I Production and commerce: How to become an opinion leader for the client? Jaan Härms, sales manager of Saku Brewery

12.30-13.15 II Service: How to make the whole organisation to sell?

 Indrek Nõlvak, retail sales manager of Statoil

12.30-13.15 III Analysis of client data: How to use gigabytes in sales?

Consultant Indrek Saul and Andres Kukke 

12.30-13.15 IV Salary: Remuneration in sales

Kadri Seeder, head of Palgainfo Agentuur

12.30-13.15 V Development: How to develop salespeople?Annika Sööt, sales manager of ERGO Insurance SE

BIG STAGE: Hot trends in sales

13.15-13.45 Targeting online sales: Do you know already?

Kaspar Loog, CEO of Browserbite

13.45-14.15 Sales offers that attract: the Alexela storyMarek Miller, sales manager of Alexela

14.15-14.30 Sales management untapped opportunitiesArvi Heinloo, CEO of Change Management OÜ

14.30-15.15 NETWORKING with coffee and cake

The Sales management conference is a venue for setting up business contacts and sharing ideas.

Session of business meetings where every participant can schedule two meetings with the representative of the company that he or she finds interesting. One meeting lasts 10 minutes and must follow a special protocol.

Tour a new world of technology. Learn about the possibilities of 3D printing, get an overview of innovative IT-based client studies and look at what researchers of the Tallinn University of Technology offer to sales organizations.

BIG STAGE: From plans to results

15.15- 15.45 From pros to pros: How the clients want to buy?Selver’s purchasing manager Katrin Riisalu and sales critic Indrek Saul

15.45-16.15 From pros to pros: How to become a top salesperson?Best Sales 2014

16.15-17.00 Personal Excellence Motivation : Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’Roll?   Peter Cook (UK), The Boss Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock.

Registration: [email protected]


up to 23.06: 199 EUR+taxes

up to 1.08: 249 EUR+tax

up to 1.09: 279 EUR+tax

up to 19.09 299 EUR+tax


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