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Master Class: Best Sales Practices in Nordics

Master Class conducted by Mr Petri Parvinen, the leading Professor of Sales Management in the Nordic countries.

Petri Parvinen is Professor of Sales Management at  Aalto University and Professor of Strategic Marketing and Management at Helsinki University. During the past ten years, he has conducted extensive research on sales performance and innovation in the Nordics. He has collected and analysed sales practices in heavy industry, service companies as well as start-ups. He now brings the best examples and the latest research to the Estonian sales crowd.

Time: 14 May 12.45-16.45

Place: Sokos Hotel Viru Conference Center

Target Audience: the Master Class welcomes sales managers, sales directors, sales agents, CEOs of SMEs

Participation fee:

3 or more participants from one company EUR 129+VATRegular rate EUR 149 (EUR 178,80 with VAT)

Register HERE

or [email protected]  phone +327 667 0411

The Master Class combines science and practice:• Targeting sales activities to increase performance

• Omnichannel selling: passing the ball between sales channels• New customer inclusion trends: practices of industrial and service companies under observation, with time perspective into 2020• Best practices: value selling and solution selling• Sales statistics and scientific research in 2013-2015

5 reasons to attend Prof Parvinen’s Master Class:

1. Overview on new research and trends in sales;2. Examples and case studies of companies whose clients are also your clients;3. Learning from sales practices that have produced real results;4. Specific recommendations and techniques for analysing your sales and increasing performance;5. Intensive half-day providing knowledge, skills and energy that will help you start increasing your sales tomorrow.

Last but not least: Prof Parvinen’s Master Classes formerly held in Estonia have boasted satisfaction rates of 97% (January 2013) and 98% (May 2013, 187 respondents).  


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